The Berlin Art Prize

15 de julio de 2022

This year one of the nominees of The Berlin Art Prize are the gallery artist duo Lina Mazenett and David Quiroga.

The concept of the Berlin Art Prize is simple and yet rare: All artists living in Berlin can apply. A five-person jury selects the nominees using a largely anonymous process. The nine nominated artists will each be invited to host a solo exhibition in one of nine project spaces, which will make the Berlin Art Prize 2022 a major collaborative project again.

( ʙᴇʀʟɪɴ )
02.09.2022 – 14.10.2022

Project spaces:

ACUD Galerie, Blake & Vargas, Centrum, Die Möglichkeit einer Insel, Haus der Statistik, LAGE EGAL, Peles Empire, Scherben, Spoiler.